Helpful Code
Automated Latex Tables: Use this code to generate nicely-formatted latex tables straight from matlab. Can even put in the ***'s based on p-values you supply. Includes an example.

Matlab Resources
These files were designed to be used in conjuction with a AV course, where an instructor introduces the basic features of the Matlab GUI and relevant commands before each exercise. However, the programming exercises list the commands needed to solve each problem and so, by typing help and the command name (e.g. >> help plot), these problems are also a very helpful tutorial for learning the basic functionality of matlab.
Matlab Training Questions
Data for Problem 3, part b
Solutions to Problem 1
Solutions to Problem 2
Solutions to Problem 3 - part a
Solutions to Problem 3 - part c

Matlab Documentation
A detailed explanation of how to define the "path" variable in Matlab. Essential for writing code that incorporates multiple functions/files.
Path Definition in Matlab