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Course Page for EC 860: Advanced Macroeconomics (Fall 2012)

Date and Time:
Monday and Friday, 12:00-1:15pm

Maloney 429

Office Hours: 
Wednesday, 4:30-5:45pm (Please sign-up for a particular slot.)

Brief Description:

This course consists of two parts.  The first part introduces tools for solving and estimating linearized, full-information, dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. Students will develop tools in matlab to solve and estimate medium-scale DSGE models using Bayesian methods. Part two of the course explores alternatives to the linearized, full-information, rational expectations paradigm. Students will write a final paper which incorporates at least one of these alternatives.

Course Syllabus:
Linked here. The syllabus includes an updated list of readings.

Problem Sets:
Problem Set 1 (due September 17th)  Solutions (Logon via Blackboard)
Problem Set 2 (due October 10th)      Solutions (Logon via Blackboard)
Problem Set 3 (due October 26th)      Simulated Data; Bootstrap Code; Related example code, solutions (Logon via Blackboard) 
Problem Set 4 (due November 12th)   Solutions (Logon via Blackboard)   
Problem Set 5 (not due)                    Related example and notes.

Other Resources:
Solving the RBC model with a stochastic trend, example code.