Intermediate Macro Theory: ECON3040

Course page for Cornell University, Spring 2024

Brief Description:

This course provides an introduction to the modern theory and practice of macroeconomics. It covers a variety of the central questions in macroeconomics including: What are the determinants of long-run economic growth? What determines the value of money in an economy? Why is there unemployment?  Why do economies regularly experience booms and recessions? The course focuses particular attention on how macroeconomic policy (monetary and fiscal) affects outcomes in these dimensions, and on using the tools of the field to evaluate alternative policy responses to current events.

Course Syllabus:

This is the main syllabus.

Course Projects and Activities:

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Course Notes:

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Lecture Topics and Readings:

Below (coming soon!) is a detailed list of the topics we will cover and the readings associated with each lecture. Readings for each lecture should be completed before the lecture. This listing will be updated according to our progress and I will point out changes in class.